The lake-effect snow season is off to a slower start this year compared to last year. However, that is about to change this upcoming week as areas to our west and north will receive heavy lake-effect snow. 

A blast of cold air will sweep through the Midwest this weekend and then the Northeast early next week. Consequently, our high temperatures will be stuck in the mid 30s on Tuesday and Wednesday. As this cold air moves over the warm Great Lakes, bands of lake-effect snow will develop from Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

With the wind flow coming from the west, these bands will be pushed eastwards. Hence, bands that develop off of Lake Erie will be directed in our region. However, these snow showers will impact the Twin Tiers region to lesser extent than areas to our west. 

Snow showers are likely Monday into Tuesday. Highest accumulations for the Twin Tiers  will likely be 1-3'' on the hills of Steuben County.  Western NY, in counties like Erie and Chautauqua, could see up a foot.