CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Thousands of people flocked to the streets of Corning Saturday evening to kick off the holiday season and enjoy the beloved Sparkle celebration.

More than 80 vendors lined the streets as people took in the sights and sounds of the holidays.  There was entertainment from carolers, dancers and performers, and children's choirs.  Attendees had the opportunity to enjoy homemade treats like fried dough and see what local shops have to offer. 

Many people attended with their families, and one man commented on the uniqueness of Corning's Sparkle.

"It's a beautiful thing, seeing people being positive, seeing people laugh, seeing people doing things they don't usually do. I know it's once a year, but its rare, so come on out and enjoy yourself with your family," said Rueben Balkul, a Sparkle attendee.

Sparkle is over for now, but the Twin Tiers have a variety of holiday celebrations coming up.