WELLSBORO, PA (WENY) -- The frigid conditions did not stop crowds from descending upon Winterfest outside of Wellsboro earlier today. Attendees were treated to sledding, crafts for kids, and educational demonstrations.

Throughout the day, crowds from around the region traveled to Hills Creek State Park to enjoy sledding, crafts, demonstrations on winter safety, and a host of winter activities.

"All the snowshoeing, the cross-country skiing opportunities, just check out the equipment. You can make bird boxes. I went through a tree identification walk and we learned about the maples and ashes and dogwoods and spruce trees around here," said Kimberly Jacko, describing her experience at Winterfest.

The winter season offers many fun activities for all ages, but the cold weather and hazards mean that safety must be a priority. Laurel Mountain K9 Search & Rescue stopped by to talk about their commitment to assisting first responders on calls involving missing and lost individuals. 

"Make sure you know where you're at and where you're going. Make sure someone is aware if you are leaving or going on a hike. Make sure someone knows where you're going and they know when you're expected to be back. That way when you don't come back, we have an idea on where to start looking for you," remarked Lisa Rice, Laurel Mountain's President and Chief.

Experts from around the region showcased their skills to demonstrate to attendees the ins and outs of staying warm in chilly conditions, safely viewing astronomical phenomena in the daytime, and how to stay safe while ice fishing. The wide range of activities gives families the option of both educational demonstrations and fun winter activities. "Ice fishing is lot like summertime fishing. The biggest difference is though, we're not casting we're fishing through a little hole. You just need some downsized gear, smaller rods, smaller jigs. Around here we're mostly fishing for bluegills and crappies, so it's a fairly simple form of fishing," remarked Don Kelly, a Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission fishing skills instructor.

If events like these sound interesting to you, Wellsboro's Winter Celebration is set for Saturday February 10th and Sunday February 11th on Main Street. The event will feature ice carvings and sculptures as well as winter themed games.