NEW YORK (WENY) -- According to the New York State Department of Education, $69.3 million in federal funding has been given to 44 schools across the state. The money comes from the federal Stronger Connections Grant Program. The grant gives funds to high-need schools to establish safe and healthy learning opportunities and environments and help prevent bullying and violence.

"Our students’ futures depend on a strong educational foundation, but that foundation is only as strong as the mental, physical, and emotional supports we can offer our students," said Education Commissioner Betty Rosa.

Locally, three schools are receiving money. The Elmira City School District is getting $2,993,518 in federal funding. The Spencer-Van Etten Central School District is receiving $843,411, and the Campbell-Savona Central School District is seeing $700,000.

The schools were selected because at least 40% of students attending qualified for free meals, and at least 10% of students are chronically absent.