HARRISBURG, PA (WENY) -- In Pennsylvania, the Office of Administration manages the digital servers for many of the state departments. On January 3, there was a mistake made during routine maintenance.
Data was lost from the State Police Forensics Bureau and the State Employees Retirement System.
For the forensics bureau, two systems that are used to manage, log, and see evidence and test results were impacted. Most of the records were recovered. But some will no longer be accessible, according to an update the Forensics Bureau sent to District Attorney (DA) offices on Monday.
District Attorney offices were notified on January 11th of the initial loss.
There are cases from June 15, 2023 to January 4, 2024 that may be impacted by the lost data, which includes records that tracks the chain of custody for evidence, communication logs, and digital photos.
Below is the letter sent to law enforcement partners by the state police this week.
State Police say the lost data is minimal and they continue to work on recovering and resolving all issues.
On the retirement system side, login data was lost. Users might have to re-enter or reset their passwords.
The story first broke on PennLive.
Spotlight PA reports at least one Office of Administration employee has been fired since January 3rd.