STEUBEN COUNTY, N.Y. (WENY) -- County attorneys for Steuben County have appealed a ruling that would have let lawyers for Sheriff James Allard depose a member of the County Legislature. The appeal is the latest legal development involving the legislature and the sheriff, who have been embroiled in a legal battle since last fall after the legislature attempted to stop paying for Sheriff Allard's liability insurance and to take away his legal indemnification. 

“The county must protect its residents from lawsuits against the Sheriff that could result in taxpayers being stuck paying millions of dollars in legal damages. We’ve simply filed a notice of intention to appeal, where we will ask the appeals court to fully protect the interests of county residents,” said Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler in a statement to WENY News. 

According to Allard, the original ruling would have allowed his lawyers to question one legislator under oath about the discussion and debate that was held over the resolution the legislature passed in September that revoked Sheriff Allard's legal indemnification. The resolution was stopped before it could go into effect by a court only days after it was passed and remains enjoined today. The legislature voted on November 27th to rescind the resolution regarding the liability insurance.

Allard also issued a statement on the ruling, saying the county's appeal only serves to extend the situation. 

"Although the County’s request to appeal prolongs the legal fight and the use of taxpayer monies to continue it, Steuben County residents should remain assured
that the Sheriff and the man and women of the Sheriff’s Office continue to carry out the full range of their responsibilities and duties in service of their public-safety
mission," said Allard in a statement provided to WENY News. 

Along with Allard, the New York State Sheriffs’ Association has intervened in the case on behalf of Allard.