OWEGO, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Tioga County New York Health Department has witnessed a sharp increase in overdoses over the last several days suspected to be caused by heroin. All the reported overdoses were non-fatal thanks to Narcan but it still raises concerns for nearby communities.

The alert for residents of Tioga County New York comes off the heels of a string of overdoses in recent days. This has led to concerns over possibly laced substances in the region. Many overdose deaths result from fentanyl as it sometimes is mixed in with other opioids or substances.

In order to prevent overdose deaths, Tioga County Public Health allows residents to pick up Narcan nasal spray for free at their offices in Owego as well as CASA-Trinity. They also recommend those close to individuals suffering from substance abuse to know the signs of an overdose. Symptoms include cold and clammy skin, a slowed heart rate, limp body, choking and gurgling sounds, and the lips and fingernails turning a blueish color.

Tioga County's Senior Public Health Educator, Kylie Holochak, told WENY News what should be done if you witness an overdose, "And if you do notice somebody is potentially experiencing an overdose, obviously, if you have Narcan, the best thing you can do is give them that first dose of Narcan and call 911 immediately so that first responders can be on their way to the scene to help. If the individual still, you know, has not regained consciousness, a box of Narcan actually has two doses in it. So you can give in addition. dose within two to three minutes."

There are 31 public access Narcan boxes across Tioga County New York for the public to utilize if they spot an overdose happening. Tioga County Mental Hygiene also provides addiction care services to those in need. Tioga County Public Health is located at 1062 State Route 38 in Owego, and can be reached at (607)-687-8612.