LINDLEY, N.Y. (WENY) -- Last month, a family in Lindley lost everything after a fire tore through their home. Now, a family in Alabama is trying to help them pick up the pieces, returning the kindness they were once shown.

Rachel and her daughter Adalee live in Huntsville, Alabama. Seven-year-old Adalee expressed an interest in sewing, and Rachel reached out to Marnae in Lindley.  Adalee and Marnae have a special thing in common.

"My daughter actually has a limb difference...there was a woman who had shared a video of Miss Marnae, and Miss Marnae also has a limb difference, so she is missing one of her arms and she makes some phenomenal quilts," said Rachel, from Huntsville, Alabama.

With the help of Scheetz Sew Creative and Hoover's Bernina Sew, Jim and Marnae made sure Adalee got a brand new sewing machine to get her start, and a new community and support system. Together, they set her up with all the materials she would need. Jim and Marnae said they felt a connection with Rachel and Adalee instantly.

"I am so honored to be an inspiration to her, and I hope that she'll grow up and inspire others you know that might be in some kind of limb difference. I mean, she's okay, she's normal. You know she's just a little different. You know, as we all are," said Marnae Fee, one of the Lindley homeowners.

A fire struck Jim and Marnae's home on January 23rd.  They lost everything, including their pets. Jim and Marnae say that the community has been instrumental in helping them get back on their feet, and say they are thankful for the support.

"The quilting community has been amazing. So after our fire we had so many people reach out, and I mean we get boxes of fabric and we got a sewing machine from Aaron and Todd at Bernina," said Jim Fee, one of the Lindley homeowners.

When Rachel heard about the fire, she said she knew she wanted to find a way to help the Fee's, just like they helped her and her daughter before.

"Part the reason that I wanted to share the way that they blessed Adalee and I, and the kindness that they showed us without even knowing us. I mean, we're a world apart, right? I wanted people to see their hearts and who they really were....and so my hope and Adalee's hope, because it was actually her that made me realize that there was power in what they had done for us and who they were, it can inspire others to help them and support them," said Rachel.

The Fee's say in the wake of tragedy, they are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.  They shared that they have plans to rebuild, and make a space dedicated to quilting and sewing that they can share.

"We're going to rise up from this. I mean this is something you can't ever forget. The scar will always be there, but yeah, I mean it definitely changes your thought process of everything, and appreciation for every little thing in your life means something," said Marnae.

Jim and Marnae share updates to their YouTube channel Marnae's Country Farmhouse.  Their GoFundMe page can be found here.