ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Flynn Emergency Services, a non-profit organization in Elmira, aims to provide standby services for Elmira and surrounding communities in need for little to no cost.  

The goal of Flynn Emergency Services is to alleviate the burden on EMTs in the community. Eric Flynn is a New York State Emergency Medical Technician, who moved to Elmira in 2019. He said he noticed a disconnect between emergency medical services and community members. He added that he grew up in a community where volunteer agencies stepped in to help and wanted to see more of that in the Southern Tier.  

Now, Flynn is implementing those kinds of services in the area by providing on-site medical standby services, basic life support, and wellness checks. He added that his team does not provide medical transport and strictly provides standby services.

The organization operates off donations and charges for stand-by services at community and private events.  

“Anything that’s community-based, that’s not raising a profit, we provide our services at no charge,” he said. “We also do some wellness checks for the community at no cost. If you have an elderly parent that you haven’t heard from, you can call us, and we’ll stop by at the house and make sure they’re okay.”  

Flynn said it is all about giving the community peace of mind. Life is hard, with a lot of challenges, and Flynn said it has been his passion since he was a senior in high school to help save lives and provide care for those in need.  

“What’s nice about being an EMS is...although you can experience some darker sides of life, you are also in a position to help people,” he said.  

Flynn said this organization plans to be more present at community events in the coming months as the weather gets warmer.