ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) - Retired NASCAR driver and Chemung native, Geoff Bodine has a new book, "All of It: Daytona 500 Champion Tells the Rest of the Story" which tells the untold stories of the racing world.

When Bodine was just five years old, he began racing around Chemung Speedrome , the race track his father and grandfather built in 1951.

It took the Chemung county native years to reach new heights of success, and now, he tells the story of his career along side author Dominic Aragon.

The book not only tells personal stories and experiences Bodine had while racing for NASCAR but also brings light to the racing accident he was in back in 2000. 

In all of the trials and tribulations Geoff has faced in his life, he attributes his faith as being one of the main forces behind his success and the reason why he survived that crash.

"For a farm kid from Chemung, New York to have a dream about going to Daytona and winning the Daytona 500 racing this year with Richard Petty, going on to many, many more. That was a big enough dream and then to actually do it was awesome", Bodine said. "It's all explained why in this book, why that happened. So, in the accident in Daytona really, like I said earlier, a reason for it, it's in here, it tells why. It gave me a platform to share about my faith and about how strong it is and if you truly believe, you can get a miracle like I did. And that's the real reason why I wrote this book."

Bodine says the book is for racing fans and non-racing fans.

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