HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- UpState Craft Cannabis applied for a special permit to cultivate cannabis in November in the Village of Horseheads.  After a lengthy process, the vote was up for discussion again at the Board of Trustees meeting on Monday night.

The application went to the Planning Board first, then the Board of Trustees, then back to the Planning Board, and is again at the Village Trustees.  Monday's meeting happened at 7 PM, but the agenda for the meeting wasn't posted until Monday afternoon.  The board said the agenda needed to be up 24 hours in advance of the meeting under New York State Open Meeting laws.  The board said they would not be able to vote on anything on the agenda, including the decision to approve or deny the application for UpState Craft Cannabis.

Attorney for UpState Craft Cannabis Matthew Buzzetti says the board is past its time to make a decision on this issue.

"At this point, now, I think they're trying to kick the can down the road for whatever reason. My applicants, my clients, don't understand it, and I think at this point, they're being treated very unfairly, and we're ready to take the next step if need be," said Buzzetti.

Buzzetti said he is looking into the law to find out when the board would be required to make a decision.  The Board of Trustees tabled the issue until March 7th. They said this move was to follow the Open Meetings Act, and they want to research the health affects of cultivating cannabis.