FINGER LAKES, N.Y. (WENY) -- Almost 600 years ago today, Riesling wine was mentioned for the first time. To help mark the occasion, March 13th has been designated as 'World Riesling Day' as a way to toast this versatile grape. 

It's been a slow crawl for Riesling who was first mentioned all the way back in 1435 to get where it is today. It's only expected to get better as some economic forecasts say the Riesling market will expand considerably by 2030. 

That's music to the ears of many local vintners because right here in the twin tiers, Riesling is an incredibly popular and important grape.

"Riesling is a European grape varietal that is native to Germany and has found a home all over the world it is a pretty unique varietal in that it thrives in cooler climate growing regions like the finger lakes. Somewhat similar to its native region in Germany, also grown in Austria and other places in Europe, from the west coast to Australia to all over the world. but we do some of the finest Rieslings in the world right here in the Finger Lakes," said Benjamin Stamp, an assistant winemaker at Lakewood Vineyards in Watkins Glen.

Riesling is believed to have descended from an ancient vine that grew along the Rhone River in Germany. Through years of trial and error, breeding and crossing it with other varieties, the Riesling that everyone knows today was born.  Despite falling out of favor following World War II, the turn of the century has helped put a new spotlight on this classic wine.