HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) --  A grandmother-granddaughter duo from Horseheads have been bonding over their love of quilting. Eight-year-old Lilly Frasier has been sewing with her grandmother Cindy McGuire for nearly two years.  

“I like to make quilts for veterans and pillows for my dolls,” Frasier said. 

McGuire is a part of a quilting guild that contributes to Quilts of Valor. When the organization contacted McGuire and her fellow quilters, she said she knew they would need all the help they could get.  

“They needed help making tops,” McGuire said. “So... that’s how we got into it. I said, ‘they sure could use some help,’ and Lilly said, ‘certainly, let’s do it.’” 

McGuire said whenever Frasier visits "grandma’s house," she is always running to the sewing room to play with straight pins. She also said her granddaughter has been drawn to the sewing machine since she was a baby. 

“She sat on my lap when she was really small and I would sew and put her hands near the machine and she caught on to that,” she said.  

There are quite a few reasons why Frasier likes to sew, from helping veterans to spending quality time with her grandmother to making new creations. But she said she does have a favorite part about the whole process.  

“I have a favorite’s getting the thread back into here [sewing machine.]”  

Over the past two years, Frasier has sewn three quilts, and she plans to continue to carry on her grandma’s tradition for years to come.