ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY)-- The Elmira College Nursing Program conducted a public health emergency response exercise today, so that nursing students can get a taste and feeling of what they may encounter during their career. The scene at the Stephan's Lounge in Elmira College was like a theater class, as the room was filled with actors who pretended to be patients and even a news crew. 

''These are senior nursing majors doing their community nursing rotation and it is very important for them to understand the different ways they can work in the community and this exercise gives them that opportunity,'' said Debby Woglom, Adjunct Nursing Faculty at Elmira College. 

The students re-enacted a real-life emergence health center so that nursing students can get a sense of what's ahead in their career journey. Specifically, students participated in a meningitis outbreak drill.

''This drill gave nursing students the opportunity to figure out how to go about a high-level stress environment just in case a crisis was to really occur. How to go about in real life,'' said Shermalie Bigot, a nursing student at the Elmira College. 

Woglam said that it is very important for people to get their meningitis vaccines to prevent the infection. To be clear, there are no known cases of meningitis at the Elmira College.