ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Chemung County officials want to remind residents of safety protocols in-place during the total solar eclipse occurring on April 8th and there's a new web page for interested and concerned residents to view as the eclipse approaches.

A committee of individuals from the Sheriff's Office, 911 Center, Emergency Management, Fire Management, and Public Information among others -- was gathered to discuss potential impacts and response variables for the eclipse.

Topics brought to the table include higher traffic congestion during the travel to and from the area of totality, interruptions to cell phone service due to the influx of tourists, and the possibility of increased for medical responses if the need arises.

For those traveling to the area of totality, it's advised that you give yourself ample time to drive due to the possible traffic. Local schools will also have half-days to allow students and faculty to view the eclipse.

"We've been told the hotels in those areas are packed. So what we're looking for in this area is there might be some overflow or people traveling to those areas to get the best view of the eclipse. So we just want to be prepared with our partners in the town, fire departments and so forth. So we've had the opportunity to have a couple of meetings. I think we're meeting one more time next week. And it's basically just about being prepared," said Chemung County Executive Christopher Moss.

Despite concerns over the influx of people eager to see the eclipse unfold -- positive impacts are on the horizon as many are expected to spend money at the county's gas stations, convenience stores, hotels and restaurants.