RIVERSIDE, N.Y. (WENY) -- More than a dozen cops, firefighters, and paramedics responded to the Fastrac gas station/convenience store on Pulteney Street in Riverside early Friday morning. First responders were called out to the gas station because a woman, armed with a knife, allegedly set fire to the outside of the building and threatened to harm bystanders.

The incident happened sometime after 1 a.m. An eyewitness said when police first arrived, the cops attempted to use a taser on the woman, but the taser reportedly had no effect on the woman. Police then drew their guns as more first responders were called in to help -- as the fire kept growing.

Two bystanders near the scene told WENY News that they called 911 after driving by and witnessing a fire at the gas station. They said they stopped to ask the woman what was going on, and the woman allegedly told the bystanders that she would stab them.

Once the woman was taken into custody, firefighters moved in closer to extinguish the smoldering fire. During the ordeal, firefighters were staged a safe distance away. The woman who was clearly distraught and screaming at first responders was taken away in a police car. It appeared that the woman was taken into custody safely without any visible injuries. From a distance, the damage caused by the fire appears to be contained to the outside of the building.

No word yet on what sparked the incident, the identity of the woman, or what charges she faces.

This is a developing story.