If you had to make a guess... what do you think is the official state candy of Pennsylvania?

Well right now, nothing!

But a group of inspired school kids are hoping to enshrine the Hershey Kiss as the candy of the commonwealth.

Students in the district of Representative Thomas Mehaffie (R-106) approached the lawmaker last year, saying they wanted a change. The Representative agreed, and wrote a bill to match the request.

H.B. 1030 passed out of the House on March 26 with a 130-71 vote, not all lawmakers on board with picking favorites.

Milton Hershey founded what has become an international chocolate staple in central Pa in 1894.

The first Hershey Kiss was made in 1907, barely 30 miles from the state capitol. Now, there are over 70 million Hershey Kisses produced every day.

With the bill out of the House, it now heads to the Senate.

While this bill has local student support, it is not the first time lawmakers have tried to make the Kiss a permanent state fixture. Similar bills have been introduced since at least 2017.