HAMMONDSPORT, N.Y. (WENY)-- Many businesses are getting in on the excitement of the upcoming eclipse, but one Finger Lakes Winery is way ahead of  the game. That's because Heron Hill has been producing its 'Eclipse Wines' since the early 90s. 

''There was a major eclipse in July, 1991. The Ingles had never bottled up a red wine up until that point, so that decided that was the time to do it. They bottled their first red wine on the day of the eclipse in 1991. Ever since, it has been a flagship brand for us and we're pretty excited,'' said Jordan Harris, winemaker at Heron Hill. 

It was the year 1991 when a Total Solar Eclipse swept through the skies of Central and South America. Even though the path of totality did not cross over the Twin Tiers, the owners of Heron Hill were so intrigued they came up with their own line. 

Josephine and John Ingle opened the doors of Heron Hill, on the banks of Keuka, in 1972. The Ingles began their business as vineyard. At the time, it was unsuccessful due an influx of grapes in New York State. For better business, they turned their vineyard into Heron Hill Winery. 

Today, Heron Hill produces its Eclipse Wine in three styles - red, white and rose.  With the Solar Eclipse approaching, Harris says sales are off the charts. 

''Sales this year has been mind-boggling. We have already hit 50 percent of what our sales were for all of 2023. It's mainly based in these three wines getting out there before April 8th,'' said Harris. 

In addition to the eclipse wine, they sell other eclipse merchandise like t-shirts, sunglasses, and aprons. 

Heron Hill sells its eclipse wine at the tasting rooms and many wine sellers across the state.