WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (WENY) -- Schuyler County residents now have an easier way to learn if they are victims of property fraud.

The County announced Tuesday that they have partnered with CottSystems' PropertyCheck to notify residents of suspicious activity online linked to their names or properties.

“Property fraud can occur if someone forges your identity, transfers your property into their name, and records the document,” said Theresa Philbin, Schuyler County Clerk. "It is, unfortunately, becoming more prevalent today as cyber criminals exploit every avenue they can to cause harm and steal from everyday citizens.”

PropertyCheck monitors people who are in their database, searching for newly submitted documents which could include a homeowners name, property address, or parcel number. The system will send participants email or text alerts if fraudulent activity is detected.

Schuyler County says the software will give residents an additional layer of data protection. 

Residents have to opt-in to the detection software if they are interested in participating. Click here to enroll. The system is free for all Schuyler County residents.

CottSystems has partnered with various municipalities in 13 states. Schuyler County is the only municipality in New York to partner with the company.