HORSEHEADS, NY (WENY) -- The Horseheads Community Animal Shelter will permanently close its doors on July 1st, 2024. In a Facebook post, the shelter said the decision comes after much deliberation and has not been made lightly.

The Horseheads Community Animal Shelter said due to various reasons, including efforts to maintain a fully-staffed Board of Directors, they are unable to continue without a sufficient team to oversee the organization's governance and decision-making process.

The Horseheads Community Animal Shelter was founded in 2016, when the town of Horseheads decided it could no longer operate its own facility in the same location. The volunteer group "Friends of the Horseheads Animal Shelter" stepped in, and was later approved to rent the building, creating the non-profit the Horseheads Community Animal Shelter, Inc.

The Facebook post said the shelter "has been a safe haven for countless cats and dogs; A place where love was abundant, and second chances were not just given, but cherished, as each one found their forever home." The organization said the shelter's commitment to animal welfare remains unwavering and they encourage people to continue to donate to other shelters and organizations in the area.

The Horseheads Community Animal Shelter would like to thank everyone who supported, volunteered, fostered, donated, adopted, were advocates, and the staff for all they have done.