HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- P’s Macarons, a Horseheads dessert shop, is supporting Investigator Michael Theetge and his family with baking. For every single order of a dozen macarons sold, $15 will be given to the Theetge family. Each dozen costs $26. 

The fundraiser is called “Dozens for Investigator Theetge.” The McCloskey family, who owns the shop, said it was important to raise money because they have known the Theetge family for years.  

Co-owner Coleman McCloskey knew Theetge in high school. He said they played sports together and has always remembered Theetge as a kind person, even as a young teenager.  

“In the locker room, Mike was always looked up to and the older kids never messed with the younger kids when Mike was around,” he said. “When he became an officer, it was like ‘Oh yeah, that’s pretty much what he was born to do.’ He always had that in him. When he goes to work and isn’t able to come’s upsetting.” 

Family is important to the McCloskeys and when Coleman's wife Dani heard the news about Investigator Theetge, she said she was devastated. 

"We have two young kids at home I can't imagine what his wife and the feelings not being able to go home and bring dad home," she said. "It's unfortunate." 

McCloskey said seeing the community come together to support one another is the most important takeaway from this upsetting situation. 

“When we did this and we got such a response...and then we see all these other businesses that are putting their own fundraisers out there and doing their own things and giving their own money’s so cool,” he said. “To see so many people come out and start doing this...the more the merrier.”  

P’s Macarons has already raised over $1,000 for the Theetge family. Orders can be placed online until April 10th and the McCloskeys will have pick-up days for people to grab their macarons, while making a difference. People can also call the shop or come in. 

P’s Macarons is located at 18 Old Ithaca Road in Horseheads.