ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- On Wednesday night at First Arena, donations were being accepted for the Chemung County Sheriff's Investigator Michael Theetge and his family.  Theetge was seriously hurt while on the job Friday in Big Flats.  The community fundraising event was organized by The Chemung County Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

Donations were collected from people attending the game, and from people just passing by.  There were different reasons for donating, but they all agree, it's a cause they want to get behind.

"I saw they were doing donations for the officer that was injured in the accident last week, when he was trying to apprehend the shoplifter.  My son and daughter-in-law are both law enforcement members, and I'm here to support the fellow officers," said Barry Estep, who donated to the cause.

"I'm happy we have the money to be able to do this for [The Theetge] family, and for [Inv. Theetge]," said Joan Pisher, another person who donated.

For Theetge's colleagues, they say the support has been widespread.

"The community outreach has been amazing. It's a blessing to have the whole community and outlying communities reach out to not only myself, but the businesses in the community asking how they can help. It truly is an amazing feeling to know that there's so many people out there that support law enforcement and support us," said Sgt. David Buchholz, the Vice President of the Chemung County Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

In addition to collecting the donations, proceeds from the Wednesday's River Sharks 50/50 and 'Chuck a Puck' will be donated directly to the Theetge Family.