WASHINGTON, D.C. - Eyes are glued to the sky across the nation for the 2024 solar eclipse. Many parts of the country are witnessing a total or partial eclipse, including in our nation’s capital.  

Many people gathered around the National Mall outside the National Air and Space Museum, where a partial eclipse is expected in the area. Experts said the DC area will see a maximum eclipse of about 87-percent.  

“Those glasses really do make a difference don’t they,” said Amy Austin as she put on the eclipse glasses. “Like a crescent moon shape and it’s beautiful color. That’s amazing.” 

Families, children and others have traveled from all over to experience this phenomenon. A few congressional members and Capitol Hill staff stepped outside of the US Capitol to look. Austin said she saw the 2017 solar eclipse and was excited to see this one, too.  

“I mean, I love gathering to be, you know, come out together and to look at,” said Austin. “You know, it's just an honor to witness this together. Community, nature and see it happen.”