BATH, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Steuben County Courthouse has been illuminated in red lights to recognize the 15th annual Recruit NY Campaign, highlighting the urgent need for volunteer firefighters nationwide, including in Bath and across the Twin Tiers.

“Part of the campaign this weekend is Recruit New York, which is part of an initiative by the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York that promotes volunteer firefighters and the need for additional volunteers in our communities,” says Tim Marshall, Director of Public Safety.
According to Marshall, Steuben County has only 44 fire departments with paid firefighters, emphasizing the critical role of the 41 departments staffed completely by volunteers.
“In the city of Hornell, Corning and Bath VA, there are fire departments. The rest are all volunteers, and the need for volunteers is not only in Steuben County but across the state and the nation. We’re seeing fewer people volunteer for community service, especially in first responder roles,” added Marshall.

Steuben County New York shared a list with a link to the departments: 

To become a volunteer firefighter, training is available nationwide, not just in firefighting. 
“When you join, you’ll receive basic firefighter training, and then you can pursue additional, more advanced training based on your interests. If you prefer to assist at the scene without entering burning buildings, that’s fine. We need those types of people as well. We also need volunteers to help with our fundraisers,” says Marshall.
The goal of the 2024 Recruit NY campaign is to recruit additional members for local fire departments in Bath and across Steuben County.
Marshall noted in a statement that “many volunteer fire departments throughout the county face decreased membership but an increasing call volume.”

Recruit New York is sponsored by the Firefighters Association of the State of New York, and the campaign runs through Sunday, April 14th. To learn more about becoming a volunteer firefighter or anything related to the campaign, click here.