ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Congressman (R-NY) Nick Langworthy had a press conference Friday afternoon with sheriff's offices from Chemung, Schuyler, Steuben, and Tioga Counties about ways to crack down on retail theft and protecting local law enforcement agencies. 

"Soft-on-crime policies have emboldened criminals where our law enforcement agencies are becoming targets of senseless violence," Congressman Langworthy said. "It's a troubling reality that demands our immediate attention and decisive action." 
Since the deaths of Onondaga County Lieutenant Michael Hoosock and Syracuse police officer Michael Jenson, along with the incident that resulted in Chemung County Sheriff's Investigator Michael Theetge being critically injured, Congressman Langworthy said New Yorkers need to take a hard look at the alarming surge in criminal activity, across the state. 
To combat the issue, Congressman Langworthy said law enforcement needs more support to crack down on organized retail theft, and bail reform needs to be revoked in New York State. 
"Bail reform and discovery reform have crippled the criminal justice system," he said. "We need to shut this down. Let's go back to a 2019 world and have people at the table...that are responsible for keeping our streets and our families safe." 
Chemung County Sheriff Bill Schrom said he agrees with Congressman Langworthy and bail reform either needs to be amended or repealed for the safety of law enforcement. 
"One of the problems is you don't have the right stakeholders at the table to begin with," Sheriff Bill Schrom said. "I think a lot of these things could have been troubleshot...had they had the right stakeholders there...just to talk through some of the issues and concerns we have and take that into consideration before passing the laws." 
Last week, New York State lawmakers passed a budget that includes $40 million to bolster retail theft teams with law enforcement and increased criminal penalties.