CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Local college students pitched their business startup ideas in the 607 Soaring competition on Saturday afternoon.  Students got the chance to showcase business ideas of their own making, and even have a chance of winning prize money to make those ideas a reality.

607 Soaring is a competition put on by IncubatorWorks with Corning Community College and Elmira College.  Five teams of students signed up to participate, working with industry and academic mentors to help mold their ideas.  With startups ranging from 360 virtual house tours for real estate, to apps to help students adjust to college life better, students came up with a variety of innovative ideas.

"I think we get an astounding amount of advantage from this, because we're able to actually win something. We're able to actually showcase our passions, our skills, our interests and do it in a teamwork environment that, I think, is very conclusive to the work environment and where we will be one day. And, additionally, it's really, really cool that we can actually win money from this. This isn't just oh, someone had the best presentation. This is a real, genuine fund to spend on either our company or whatever we want, and it's just a really cool idea. That I think is beautiful," said Olivia Volino, an Elmira College student who participated in 607 Soaring.  Her team won second place.

A panel of judges listened to each and every presentation, looking for small business ideas with creative solutions to real world challenges.  The winning team got a prize of $5,000.  Second place took home $2,500, and 3rd place $1,000.  Viewer's Choice winner took home $250.

"We really want to support our local college students to continue to graduation, and we also want to take all of the things that they've learned in their undergraduate time to see what that means for entrepreneurship for them, if that means opening up a small business, or potentially being an intrapreneur in a company. That is some of the things that this competition helps them do," said Ashleigh Madison, the executive director of IncubatorWorks.

All winners are also eligible to receive a 6-month rent-free space in an incubator, and attend IncubatorWork's Co.Staters small business accelerator program.  This is the second year of 607 Soaring, and organizers say they hope to inspire college students for years to come.