(WENY) -- A mathematics teacher, who teaches ninth through twelfth graders, for the Wellsville Central School District is participating in a contest for “America’s Best Teacher.” It all started when someone anonymously nominated her as a contestant.  

Mrs. Rhonda Farrand said she received two emails about the nomination and deleted them immediately, back-to-back. When the third email came in and she realized it is not a joke, someone out there believe she is America’s favorite teacher.  

Now, this is currently in ninth place in the Quarterfinals and there is only one more round left before she finds out if she’s the nation’s winner.  

The contest’s official website does not let nominees know where they are standing in the running when it comes to how many people they are truly up against. But Mrs. Farrand did learn in the first round, she placed first out of 102 nominees to get into the Quarterfinals. 

Since she is a math teacher, Mrs. Farrand decided to crunch some numbers and said she does not know how many people she is up against, but she knows she is doing well in the contest.  

“The Quarterfinals says that I am in the top one percent of all contestants...and that groups, the last time I checked, had 265 in it,” Mrs. Farrand said. “That means...I’m a math teacher...if one percent is 265 then were over 26,500 entries.”  

Mrs. Farrand said no matter the outcome, she feels like she has already won. She added she only wants to be the best teacher she can be to her students.  

“The school district pays me to teach you algebra but I’m here to teach you more,” she said. “I want to teach you how to build a relationship and if I don’t reach you...then I haven’t done my job.” 

Her nomination has been shared on many social media posts. Mrs. Farrand received praise from community members and students over the past nine years of her career.