ELMIRA, NY (WENY) -- Meals on Wheels is an organization where volunteers deliver meals to those who may have limited resources or can't get around easily. One man in Elmira not only delivers some meals, he does it on a bicycle.

"A long time ago when [I] was watching the news, there was a group in Texas [that] was doing the same kind of thing. They had a cart and bicycles and I was looking at it and [thought] that's very cool and would be very fun to do around here," said Cyclist, Kent Goben.

May is National Bike Month and Goben started working with a friend to make this happen in the area. He said he used to work for the Office for the Aging and it's nice to see some of his former clients along his route.

Volunteers with Meals on Wheels deliver hot and cold meals to people five days a week by car. Goben said it's important to help those in need, especially since some of the clients are older adults and the only social interaction they may get is with someone from Meals on Wheels.

"They're usually the elderly people [who] are alone in their homes and the isolation is a very negative aspect to the clients as they're growing older. Even just one person stopping in to say hi for a couple of minutes [is] an important thing," said Goben.

Meals on Wheels in Elmira is always looking for volunteers to help. The organization in Elmira is looking for people to deliver meals or be a kitchen worker to help make the food.

If you'd like to become a volunteer in Chemung County, click here.