TOWANDA, P.A. (WENY) -- Bradford County western apparel store Wild West Outfitters held a "soft opening" ahead of an official grand opening to celebrate new renovations and upcoming attractions within it's space.

The Towanda-based store specializes in high quality and authentic products made in the United States -- and regularly contributes to local charities benefiting youth and veterans.

"We offer a much higher quality product. We offer hands on old fashioned service. You get your foot measured, you get asked a bunch of questions. We try to give personal service to everybody. I try to personally touch base with everyone who comes into the store," said owner Christian White.

Wild West Outfitters offers a wide selection of clothes, boots, hats, accessories, and full hands-on service -- but there's more than just western-style clothes as fire resistant and high visibility work garments are also available for purchase.

When completed the renovations will bring in ax-throwing lanes, rage rooms, a game room -- as well as conference rooms for business meetings.

"We want this to be the place to come. Whether you're just coming with your friend to grab some coffee and sit down and chat, or if you're coming to buy some new boots or coming to have your bachelorette party and throw some axes, we just want this to be such a diverse place for everybody to feel included," remarked Lauren Cerio.

Wild West Outfitters hopes that their establishment can serve as space for not just shopping, but for fun and community building.