ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Pedro is an animal ambassador at the Tanglewood Nature Center and is native to Australia.  

Ryan Donnelly from the center says an area underneath their necks gives them their names that appear to look like a beard.  

“He has this nice little area right underneath his neck that looks like it's almost like a beard. It's a bunch of scales. It's used for either mating purposes or defensive purposes. If he feels threatened, he can puff that up and it'll make him look a lot more intimidating and it's kind of scary to other animals like that.”  

Pedro, like other bearded dragons, can have a tan look on their skin to blend in the desert. Tanglewood Nature Center has had him for over a year.  

“[Pedro] is about 4 years old, and they can live anywhere between 8 to 10 [years of age], but it's not uncommon for them to get all the way up to 18 years of age.” 

Like chameleons, he’s also able to change the color of his skin to fight off another male bearded dragon, or to regulate their temperature.  

“The darker he is it helps them absorb more sunlight in the desert and then the lighter he is, it helps him reflect sunlight, so he doesn't overheat out in the desert.”  

Information for upcoming summer camp programs is now up on the Tanglewood Nature Center website for different grade levels.  

“Each week is a different themed camp. So do everything from fishing to bird watching to hiking to kind of learning how to make a fire out in the woods, those sort of things.” 

To register your child, visit their website under the camp section.