SAYRE, P.A. (WENY) -- May 15th is national trauma survivors day and today the Guthrie Clinic honored several trauma survivors they have treated over the years.

Guthrie administration and staff welcomed some familiar faces today for National Trauma Survivors Day. Survivors told their stories of perseverance and triumph over injury -- and the contributions of the staff that took care of them.

It was an emotional gathering today at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital -- as survivors of traumatic injuries returned to their place of recovery. The staff's ability to treat these traumatic injuries along with the emergency response capabilities possessed by Guthrie Clinic -- helped Jeremiah Bailey return to marathon running.

"I could not have recovered if not for the care that they provided me here at Guthrie. They went above and beyond the expectations and helped me be who I am today," said Bailey, who underwent treatment in 2011.

The Sayre-based hospital is the only Level I Trauma Center in the Twin Tiers -- and it helped the three trauma survivors present today. Three individuals each with unique paths and lives ahead of them reflected on their journeys and trials following harrowing injuries.

"Without them, I wouldn't be possible, I would not be here. There's no doubt in my mind that without each and every one of the employees that work at Guthrie and Robert Packer in 2009, I wouldn't be here," remarked Keri Falk, another survivor present.

Even in the face of tragedy -- they persevered and built relationships along the way. For Curtis Jewett -- he was able to receive treatment in the hospital he was born in and take steps toward a full recovery.

"There is always light, that's one thing I've been trying to instill in my friends that I have met and made along the way. There's always light, you just got to keep pushing, every day is a different battle, but the battles are what make you stronger and get you healthier," said Jewett.