ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) - The Josh Palmer Fund officially kicked off the 25th year with their annual 100 inning baseball game played at Elmira high school.

The Express went head to head with Horseheads to support the cause.

"When Jeff Limoncelli and Jason Manwaring decided years ago that they wanted to bring baseball into the fold because we had been doing the basketball tournament from the beginning, we had the Pigskin Classic at Mansfield University so football was involved, and we've always had the golf tournament", said Josh Palmer. "It was kind of a unique idea, especially for our area and it's kind of taken a life of its own. It's fun, you know, I tell people all of the time to come over and watch something like this--100 innings in about two and a half hours--it's pretty cool to see."

Even though the two schools are normally competitors in the STAC West, the players put aside their differences for a worthwhile cause.

"It shows people that you do have rivals in sports or whatever but at the end of the day we're here together as a community, to help the people the people in our community", said Horseheads baseball head coach, Jeff Limoncelli. "I mean that's what it's all about. Baseball's a game. But as far as life goes, we're here to help everybody and give back."

The players themselves collected donations for the cause that's much bigger than a game of baseball.

"It's a small donation that we contribute to it but again, it's for a bigger cause that impacts so many millions of people every year", said Elmira baseball head coach, Jason Manwaring. "Everybody has somebody that's been affected by it. It's just a simple way that we can give back to the community."

The next event taking place to support the Josh Palmer Fund is their annual golf tournament happening in late September.