NEW YORK (WENY) -- The New York State Office for the Aging honored 100 older New Yorkers across the Empire State for their dedication to volunteer work on Wednesday, May 14th in Albany. The celebration happens during Older American Months, and included six local volunteers from the Southern Tier. 

"These dedicated individuals are powering connections in so many profound ways, and New York State expresses profound gratitude for this spirit of altruism, which is a legacy of lasting benefit and inspiration to all New Yorkers," said Governor Kathy Hochul in a prepared statement. 

From Chemung County Ruth Hauser and Marie Storch were honored. Hauser was recognized for her work to support people suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia, while Storch was honored for her work with Meals on Wheels. 

"Find something that you are interested in and really care about when looking for a volunteer opportunity," said Hauser in a prepared statement. 

Storch said that when you volunteer, "you get more out of it than do the clients you serve."

In Steuben County Nancy Reigelsperger and Wendell “Butch” Snyder were honored. Reigelsperger was recognized for her work teaching financial literacy, while Snyder was honored for his work with a food pantry that helps 300 families a week. 

“Volunteering opens doors you might not otherwise see. You get to meet new people, stay active, and it provides a sense of purpose. That sense of purpose is essential for a healthy life,” said Reigelsperger.

In Tioga County, Kathy Seitel-West was honored for her work providing medical transportation and home delivered meals. Larry Warner of Owego was also honored for performing 40 mission trips across the world as a member of the Nazarene Church. 

"Just do it! You get as much from volunteering as the individuals receiving the services!” said Seitel-West in a prepared statement.