SCHUYLER CTY., N.Y. (WENY) -- Schuyler County is warning residents of several of its towns about fliers circulating offering a service to dispute recent property assessments.

Several Schuyler County residents have reported receiving fliers in the mail asking the homeowner to provide information about their properties, and call a number to schedule an inspection. The county says people can challenge their assessment without hiring a third party. 

Over the past month, the Schuyler County Real Property Tax Office conducted a reassessment project in the towns of Catherine, Montour, Dix, and Reading. These were followed by informal meetings for the public to get an understanding of the valuations. Not long after, the fliers began showing up.

"We don't know anything about the qualifications of the individuals who are offering these services. And, most importantly, it's not necessary to hire someone or part with money to grieve your assessment. It's a completely free process that is intended to be accessible to the public by simply completing a form and stating the reasons that they feel that their assessment is unfair," stated Kelly Anderson, Director of Real Property Tax Services for Schuyler County.

There are stark differences in official documents compared to the ones found residents have found on their doorsteps and driveways. the main one being the absence of state logos and certifications. If you spot one of these fliers, county officials urge you to not sign your name on any form without proper consultation and review.

"New York State law, prohibits the unauthorized practice of law by non-attorneys, people who are not licensed by the bar of the state of New York. Things that could constitute the unauthorized practice of law include offering to appear in state court on behalf of individuals," added Schuyler County Attorney, Steven Getman.

Schuyler County recommends contacting law enforcement to report these fliers advertising a property assessment service from anyone unaffiliated with the county tax office.

Both the Schuyler County District Attorney's Office and the Schuyler County Sheriff's Office are aware of the fliers showing up at Schuyler County homes. Anyone with questions regarding the matter should contact an attorney.