WELLSBORO, PA (WENY) -- Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro is on a road trip across the Keystone State as a part of the "Great American Getaway" tourism initiative. The statewide tour showcases its beautiful destinations and experiences to the 72 million people who live within four hours of the state. 

"We're on a mission on the Great American Getaway RV here to get around to all the cool spots and encourage people to come to Pennsylvania," says Governor Shapiro. "We're right up along that New York border. I want New Yorkers to come here to Pennsylvania, experience Wellsboro, experience our outdoor beauty, have a great time, spend a few bucks at the Arise Cafe, and then they can be on their way."

As the 2024 Memorial Day Weekend begins, Shapiro and his family visited Wellsboro on Friday, May 24th to talk with two local businesses including Arise Cafe and Pops Culture Shop. 

The Great American Getaway is a statewide-inspired road trip Shapiro hopes will offer people locally and nationwide a sense of adventure and exploration in and around Pennsylvania. 

"The Great American Getaway was designed as such, because we have access within a four-hour drive to 75 million Americans, right, folks from New York and Ohio and New Jersey and other communities across us, even up in Canada. This is a moment for the nation to recognize that Pennsylvania is open for business. This is a hot spot to come, and if you're planning your Great American Getaway, we want you to be here in Pennsylvania," says Shapiro. 

This fact is based on the fact that Pennsylvania is the birthplace of America, "Right here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania," shared Shapiro. 

Shapiro says millions of people plan their getaways every year, so many pack their bags to visit Pennsylvania. 

"It's easy to get to, it's fun, there's outdoor spaces, there's historical sites, there's great eateries, there's wonderful main streets and, by the way, every community has a main street, from rural communities like this one to big urban centers like Pittsburgh and Philadelphiaadelphia. So there's a little something here for everybody, and I say that, by the way, not just as the governor of Pennsylvania, but as a father of four There's something for everybody here and there's always something to do," explained Shapiro. 

The governor spent Friday afternoon chatting and visiting with Wellsboro. Shapiro took his wife and kids to represent what matters to him and show people a road trip can be done solo, with a friend, or with the family.