ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Hundreds of people flocked to Eldridge Park for the second annual Train Day.  There were two trains on display, an Erie Railroad boxcar and a CAF diesel switch engine.

"We have two big attractions, one is the Erie Railroad Boxcar. This car was built 1928, so it'll be 100 years old here in a few more years. It's been under restoration by our little organization, the Chemung Railroad Historical Society. We saved it from the scrapper in a miraculous arrangement, but it's been sort of a labor of love for us to preserve this part of the history. The Erie Railroad was a huge, huge influence in how the city of Elmira developed and came to be, and if it wasn't for that I don't know if Elmira would even exist," said Rob Piecuch, the Train Day organizer.

People could take tours of the cars and learn about the local history of railways while interacting with model trains.  People of all ages showed up to participate.

"I love trains over 100%," said seven-year-old Cody, "I'm so happy!"

Organizers say they were excited to have so many people come out to learn about local history.

"We're very excited about that because a lot of work goes into these events, but it's it's a labor of love. We like doing this. It's fun to have the public come out and be part of this and enjoy what we're doing, and learn something and have a fun day with it," added Piecuch.

Piecuch hopes Train Day will continue for years to come.