UPDATE: 05/30/24 12:00 P.M. -- The Chemung County Sheriff's Office announced it has arrested a 22-year-old man from Georgia for the Curly's Chicken House break in on Monday, May 27th. Christopher Brown has been charged with Burglary in the 3rd degree.

Police say Brown was arrested on an unrelated charge by the Elmira Police Department on May 29th when an officer recognized Brown from the surveillance video of the break in. Police say that during questioning, Brown confessed to the burglary.

Police say is facing additional charges pending a grand jury and that he was released without bail.

UPDATE: 5/29/24 11:30 A.M. -- Police have revealed more details about the man caught on camera breaking into Curly's Chicken House in Horseheads. According to the Chemung County Sheriff's Office, the suspect is a tall thin black male with black braids.

At the time of the of the break in, he was wearing white shoes, blue jeans, a tan belt, a black sweater with 'FEAST' written on the back along with a black, red and white Fila backpack. Police say the suspect was cut when entering the building, bleeding heavily as a result.

Police say the suspect broke in through the pick-up window, but left behind a cash drawer after it wouldn't fit in their backpack, stealing other items instead. The bicycle they used is being described as dark with pink writing.

HORSEHEADS N.Y. (WENY)-- The Chemung County Sheriff's Office is investigating a burglary after Curly's Chicken House in Horseheads was broken into just before midnight on Sunday. The owners say that they had to close the restaurant on Monday and Tuesday to clean up and repair the damages. 

''A customer called and reported that our window was broken. The Sheriff came and we found out that somebody had smashed out the window and came through the window. They tried to get money money out of the register,'' said Kristi Mertsock, the co-owner of Curly's Chicken House. 

Owners, Kristi and Paul Mertsock, said that they found a broken window, shattered glass and splatters of blood on the floor of the restaurant. Due to the damages, the store was closed the past two days. 

They said that the suspect tried to take money from the register, but was unsuccessful. However, he managed to grab a snack before he got away. 

''He took three muffins. Apparently, he was very hungry after breaking the window and needed something to eat. That is the only other thing he took, muffins,'' said Paul Mertsock, the co-owner of Curly's Chicken House. 

Surveillance video outside captured the person riding his bicycle up to the restaurant, before smashing the window. The Chemung County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident and is following leads on the potential suspect. 

"The crime is terrible around here. It is getting worse and other business owners need to be vigilant. You never know when this is going to happen to you. Take the precaution and make sure that you have cameras. We are just very glad that nobody was hurt and none of our employees were here,'' said Kristi Mertsock.

Kristi and Paul said that they plan to reopen the restaurant on Wednesday, May 29th.