The Bipartisan Infrastructure Act has been at work across America since its passage in 2021. Today, Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg visited a steel plant near Harrisburg to highlight the supply chain aspect of the law.

Today, Secretary Buttigieg toured the Cleveland Cliffs Steel Mill in Steelton, PA— which is just south of Harrisburg. 

He spoke afterward on the importance of using American made products in the hundreds of infrastructure projects the Department of Transportation is funding across the country.

Buttigieg highlighted how President Joe Biden has levied tariffs on steel made in China, while praising the local plants that have a lower carbon footprint.

The secretary—and Governor Josh Shapiro, who joined Buttigieg for the tour— talked about how the infrastructure bill is in the middle of implementation. Pointing to November, they emphasized the economic value of ensuring the U.S. finish what it started. 

“It’s not about how many zero’s are behind a number. It’s about the number of presents under a tree, cars in a driveway, homes owned and children educated because of the jobs and supply chain created,” said Buttigieg.

While infrastructure projects bring jobs and improved roads—they come with a cost of disrupting daily life. This has been the personal experience of some citizens in Chautauqua county, where the I-86 bridge is facing occasional night time closures.

When asked, the Secretary shared that the federal department tries to stay in contact with state transportation departments to ensure funds are being implemented responsibly.