ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Emancipation Proclamation went into effect in 1863, promising freedom to enslaved people in the United States. However, it was wasn't until June 19th, 1865 that the news and enforcement of the law reached Galveston, Texas where enslaved people became free. 

''It's the unity of the people and the day of freedom. Before 1865, slaves did not know they were free for two years. As a result, this is a celebration across the country that a lot of communities are going to take part in. We promote unity through the community,'' said Anita Lewis, Chief Development Officer at Elmira Economic Opportunity (EOP).

Today, America celebrates the holiday now Juneteenth, commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. Every year, the Elmira EOP celebrates 'Freedom Day' at Ernie Davis Park. 

''We invite the community. It's an open day for the community to come out. We will have service organizations and some entrepreneurs. We try to pull out as many entrepreneurs of color that have a small business so that we can celebrate them and have people come support, '' said Lewis. 

Anita said that it will be an eventful day. There will be fun activities, ethnic food, dance, live music from bands, artists and bicycle giveaways.

Lewis urges everyone to come out and celebrate this day in history. Also, support the local vendors and small businesses in the area. 

Juneteenth celebrations will be held at the Ernie Davis Park from Noon through 4pm. The event is free and open to anyone to attend.